Moving Questions & Answers

From time to time we get questions from our customers about different aspects and parts of our service. That’s why we’ve created this frequently asked questions page. Below are the most common questions we get.

If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us by calling us at 614-859-9166

When should I call Grandview Moving & Hauling

If you need to move today, we can probably do that. If you require a written in-home estimate, you should call about 7 days to 2 weeks before your move. We generally just ask you to give us as much notice as you can.

How long does Grandview Moving need for an in-home estimate?

Usually no more than an hour.

What are my responsibilities?

In brief … the most important is the packing of your belongings. Take personal responsibility for jewelry and other high value items. Ensure that no prohibited items are packed.

So what can or can’t I take with me?

Generally speaking, dispose of all flammable items, liquids, foods and other items that should not be shipped. Anything that can deteriorate should not be shipped. If you have a question about something, just call and ask.

Anything that is definitely a no-go area?

Well, mainly those things you might expect – drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition.

What about my car?

Most of the time we can take your car(s), truck or SUV with the rest of your belongings in the trailer or container. If this is not possible, we can arrange for an alternate method. We do not transport cars as part of a regular local move.

Can I leave my clothes in their drawers?

We request that you remove all clothing and items from drawers that are to be moved.